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Whether you’re out at a café or at home on the couch, generally there’s a cup of tea in hand and lots of conversation. I’m no different. I’m a tea fanatic and I absolutely love to talk – hence this podcast!
My amazing friend and brekky radio host, Gosha Rakiej couldn’t agree more with me. So we’ve decided to team up once a month over a few cups of tea and chat about things that us women experience every day. To make things official, we’ve dubbed this #PWMPodcast show, ‘You Me & A Pot Of Tea’.
So why not grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and join us!
In our July edition we chat about:
–           Social media – The way we present ourselves and perceive others online
–           Reminiscing the past – Bringing back our favourite childhood memories
–           ‘That’s Short & Snappy’ – Tune in to find out what’s it’s all about!

Gosha & I – The day of our podcast recording (July 2017)

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PSS. Have an interviewee in mind or a topic you’d like me to cover? We’d love to hear from you! Simply send your email to hello@giannalucas.com or alternatively tag me on Twitter @promenadewithme, using the hashtag #PWMPodcast.
Gianna Lucas Xx

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