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Emily Drew is an amazing woman. She’s literally an encyclopaedia dedicated to all things health and wellness. She has travelled the globe as an Exercise Physiologist and has worked with some of the world’s biggest stars, including actress and women’s rights activist, Emma Watson. Emily, AKA the Celebrity Trainer now resides in the Gold Coast, QLD and devotes her life to helping women live out their best lives.

Emily has an incredible heart and so it’s my pleasure to bring you her story and professional perspective on all things health and wellness. We covered so many amazing topics including…

  • Life as Emma Watson’s right hand girl.
  • The misconception surrounding exercise.
  • What fermented foods can do for you.
  • How to put PMS to bed for good.
  • AND, The benefits of practicing mindfulness.

Ladies! This is an episode you don’t want to miss.
So join me as I take a walk with the incredibly bubbly, Emily Drew.
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Gianna Xx

Emily and her beloved dog, Holly

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