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What does your week normally look like? How much time do you set aside to keep fit? Last month Stanford University conducted a worldwide study which found that Australia is the 19th laziest country in the world. But are we really that lazy? Radio virtuoso, Gosha Rakiej and I try to answer this question.
‘Bullying is so not ok.’ We couldn’t agree more with the Supre Foundation. Like so many Aussies, we too have been affected by bullying. It’s so easy to feel isolated and misunderstood when you’re the victim, but never feel alone as help is always readily available. After reading ‘Bullying So Not Ok‘, a help-guide for teenage girls (an initiative by the Supre Foundation and Headspace), we’ve decided to share our our own personal perspective on this ongoing issue.
Life hacks – we all love them! Gosha and I share some of our favs. And of course, another edition of Short N Snappy.

So join us for Episode 14 of The Promenade With Me Podcast. Enjoy!
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Keep smiling,
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