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Hey guys!
I’m very excited about this episode of The Promenade With Me Podcast. In Episode 39 I look at some super interesting synergies between girls going through their tweens, teens and adulthood.

I’ve dubbed this episode ‘Wise Words | How To Be Miss Individuality’ because that’s exactly what this Ep is designed to do! In summary, I share a story I heard this week whilst presenting a workshop in Melbourne. I was so inspired by the story, I had to include it in this episode. Basically, it’s about a young girl in primary school who learnt how to live a confident and fulfilling life as herself. So inspiring!

Gianna’s Girl Guide Presentation (Jan 2018)

I also share how you can get yourself out of the comparison trap so you can embrace your awesome and unique personality!
So say goodbye to Miss Comparison & hello to YOU!
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Dream BIG & Boldly,
Gianna & The PWM Team xx

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