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How are you with public speaking? Have you ever given it a go? Are you a pro or would you prefer to stay far far away from the public stage?
This week on The Promenade With Me Podcast, I chat to a woman who has presented to well over 200,000 people… That’s a lot of people.
She’s an award-winning speaker and teen expert, and she is the author of ‘Parenting Teenage Girls (In the Age of a New Normal)’. Her name is Michelle Mitchell and boy did we have a great chat. She’s hilarious, incredibly open and not to mention very, very wise.

In this episode we chat about:

  1. How to use social media for social good
  2. Best practices in building your brand online
  3. Confidence building exercises and tips at any age
  4. Goal setting – How to make it work for you
  5. Becoming a #girlboss – Michelle’s story

And if you’ve got any questions regarding this interview, feel free to send me an email, via [email protected]
Now sit back and enjoy!
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