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When I run talks and workshops in schools, or at youth organisations and events, one of the things I love to say to young people is that they’re never too young to achieve great things – age is no factor. We live in a digitally connected world. With technology continuously on the move, there’s always new opportunities popping up. If a job or revolutionary career opportunity doesn’t exist, why not create it!
There are so many young people doing extraordinary things. Emma and Carla Papas, two sisters from the Gold Coast in Queensland are one great example.

These two girls are most commonly known as The Merry Maker Sisters. Around 6 years ago they decided to embark on a new entrepreneurial adventure and they’ve never looked back. To date they’ve published an incredible cookbook ‘Get Merry’. They created the #1 Recipe app ‘Get Merry. And they host a #1 weekly podcast called ‘Get Merry’ with well over 135 episodes to its name!! And they even run weekly pilates and yoga classes. And if you thought that was all, they just recently launched their own online yoga, pilates and mindset program MerryBody.

So how did they get started? Great question right! Well I’m happy to let you know that I recently had a good old chat with these two incredibly bubbly entrepreneurs. And we explored this question and so much more! Such a fun interview.
Here’s what you can expect:

  • How their life-changing health journey ignited their passion to change the world
  • How they built a global online community
  • How they transitioned from intrapreneurs to entrepreneurs
  • Tips to managing a side hustle
  • How to reduce stress and friction in your own life
  • The importance of self-reflection and self-acceptance
  • How to embrace change and evolve
  • …And I even weigh in too, as I share my own journey as a member of their first Merry Body yoga and Pilates program

This is one high-energy episode! Enjoy!

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