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I recently came across a quote on Instagram that read:
“Fall in love with taking care of yourself, in mind, body and spirit.”
How true is this! Nobody can make us feel happy until we’re happy with ourselves first. Only then can we open our hearts and minds to finding our ideal partner. It’s just the way it is.
Somebody who knows all about this is a woman who’s about to reveal her entire life on national television, and all for a good cause. Her name is Emma Wynne – a radio announcer and youth worker based in Melbourne.

Emma is one of four women taking part in a new Australian-based reality TV show called The Single Wives. This time next week, it will premiere on Channel 7.
So what is it all about? Essentially it’s a dating show which highlights the dramatic, emotional and romantic transformation of these four women – Sheridan, Sunnie, Nikki and of course Emma, who are all searching for their second chance at love post-divorce.

Throughout the show, they’re coached by world-renowned Life & Dating Coach, Matthew Hussey, all whilst being supported by their Host, radio broadcaster, Fifi Box. It’s a reality TV show like no other.
Today on The Promenade With Me Podcast you’re going to hear Emma’s story to date.

It’s fair to say that Emma is one incredible 28-year-old woman who’s been on one huge relationship rollercoaster. However, since being on the show, her whole life has been transformed for the better. And so…
In this interview Emma and I chat about:

  • Matthew Hussey and his incredible role on the show
  • How The Single Wives is going to inspire women across the country
  • What it’s like filming a reality TV show
  • Emma’s story and faith journey
  • Matthew Hussey’s dating advice, no matter your age
  • How we can all become stronger and wiser


Me & Emma

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