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As 2016 says its final goodbyes, we often tend to celebrate its departure by welcoming its successor with wide open arms.
We’re given 365 days every year and with it comes peaks and troughs. No year is flawless. For me this year has been one of growth and new opportunity. I have learnt some incredible lessons and have also commenced new ventures. There have been days where I’ve fist-pumped the air with excitement and there have been others where I’ve simply sat idly by, anticipating what might be awaiting me around the corner.
No matter if a day is glorious or grim, my undeniable passion for life is what literally enables me to embrace every opportunity. I actively look out for the positives in any given situation as I have always had the belief that there is light at the end of every tunnel. My faith is what gets me through.
“Faith is seeing light with your heart when your eyes see only darkness.”
Everything happens for a reason. Even the moments you wish to forever forget occurred with purpose. Even when experiencing the ugliest of circumstances, there is still something special to learn from it. The more we learn, the more we grow as individuals.
“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.”
There is real power in recognising the flaws in unforeseen circumstances. There’s even greater power in accepting them for what they are and moving on. That’s when magical things start to happen.
“Happiness can only exist in acceptance.” George Orwell
Are you ready for 2017?
Why not turn over a new leaf? You just may find there’s more to life than the page you’re currently stuck at.
If you’re feeling a little lost or unfulfilled, jot down all the things that make you happy. List your passions and incorporate these into your day. Why not make it part of your new year’s resolution? Setting aside 10 minutes each day just for YOU is better than zero.
If you’re a bit of a planner why not pencil into your diary some daily or even weekly ‘me time’ moments, that way you’ll never forget to make time for yourself. Another idea is to create quarterly check points to see how you’re tracking.
“Reflection is looking back so that the view looking forward is even clearer.”
Give yourself the opportunity to explore life’s possibilities. Why not create your own hot air balloon? Feel it’s power and jump right in. Give it a go I say! You just never know where it, being life may lead you.
Just for this purpose I have specially designed a FREE ‘Me in 2017 Planner’ featuring all of my suggestions above to help keep you on track (download here or see below). Enjoy!
Adventure is out there. You are destined for higher ground.
Keep smiling,
Gianna Lucas xx

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