GLOW WITH THE FLOW is an 8-Week Online Course created for teen and pre-teen girls. The course encourages girls like YOU to embrace life whilst boosting your overall wellbeing. It also offers you empowering and tangible tools so you feel supported when faced with challenges in and out of school.

You will also learn other life-changing tools to build resilience and calm the mind so you feel more energised. You'll also hear my own transformative story and how it's shaped who I am today. AND get excited because you will also deep dive and learn about all things positive affirmations and goal-setting!

As part of the 8-Week Online Course, there are 8 specific themes, each flowing into the next. Each week contains an instructional, informative and empowering video (featuring me as your instructor and guide). At the conclusion of each weekly video, read through the provided summary notes and complete the weekly reflective exercises, all of which are all built into the course. They are purposely not graded - instead they help you to explore and reflect without judgement where you've been, where you are now and of course, where you'd like to go moving forward.

On top of this, each week you receive a whole lot of awesome resources including top tips and summaries, ongoing reflective exercises, and what I like to call daily and monthly trackers. These are editable PDFs and can be used anytime, anywhere so that you can continue to put everything they've learnt into practice, post the GLOW WITH THE FLOW Course.

GLOW WITH THE FLOW - Weekly Themes

GLOW WITH THE FLOW is perfect for teen and pre-teen girls who lack self-belief, confidence and resilience. It's also great for girls who feel stuck and need direction, and for those who struggle to cope when faced with challenging situations at school and beyond.

This 8-Week Course is also an excellent resource for girls who need a boost to help steer them in a direction that's totally in line with who they are and their values. And if they have never uncovered their values and passions before, no stress as this 8-week Course supports them in discovering these and more, including what their short and long-term goals look like!

IN SUMMARY - Here's what you get:

  • 8-Week Online Course which you have FOREVER - access it anytime, anywhere, even after it's completed
  • Tools to build resilience and calm the mind
  • Learn about positive affirmations and goal-setting tools and create your own
  • 10 Explainer Videos featuring my own insights, tools and takeaways
  • Beautifully designed Toolkit and Go-To Guide (12+ page downloadable)
  • Weekly reflective exercises built-into the course relating to each week's theme
  • Weekly editable Check-In Journal downloadable
  • Hear my own transformative story and how it's shaped who I am today
  • BONUS - 9 Daily and Monthly Tracker Exercises (Editable PDF downloadables) to be used after the course
  • BONUS - My 'Dream BIG and Boldly' Goal-Setting Formula and Activity downloadable


PS. Here's a mini snapshot of what I'm about: I am an Educator, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach for young women and girls. I'm also a Board Member at a charity called Bridge Builders Youth Organisation. You can learn more about me and my story by heading to my 'About' page. If you'd like to learn more about my workshops and coaching programs, simply head here.

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