Gianna Lucas is a warm, dynamic presenter who has been presenting for Beautiful Minds for two years. Our kids and teens really relate to her and we love watching her in action

Marina Passalaris | Author + Founder & CEO – Beautiful Minds

Tiarn – Testimonial

You’ve changed my life for the better and I just wanted to let you know once again that you are beautiful and doing an amazing thing that is working.

Tiarn, 15 (Year 9 student)

Olivia – Testimonial

Your story really empowered me to make small changes to ensure I am loving the healthiest, happiest and best life. Seeing that you were able to overcome an anxiety disorder gives me hope and motivation that I can do the same. I started doing some gratitude journaling last night and I already feel more positive!

Olivia, 17 (Year 11 student)

Ellie – Testimonial

You’re like my spirit animal! So glad you’ve entered my life. Your passion an excitement is truly captivating. I always thought meditation was for wacky people, but it’s amazing what impact a few minutes of being still can have! So thank you for opening my eyes.

Ellie, 22

Sharon Witt

Gianna Lucas is one of the most energetic, enthusiastic, and inspiring women I have had the pleasure of working with. Her passion for equipping and inspiring this generation of young people sets her apart. Her ability to engage with people in a genuine way, through sharing her own personal stories and life lessons make her a highly engaging presenter. She is the real deal and she continues to inspire me in my own life.

Sharon Witt | Teen & Parenting Expert, Presenter + Author

Ruby – Testimonial

You have made me think about myself from a whole other view, and now I love who I am.

Ruby, 16 (Year 10 student)

James Grima

Gianna is one of those really special human beings who is engaging. She’s inspiring. She’s authentic and she can, does and will move your audience, with ease, with grace and with delight. And if you’re lucky enough to be able to listen to the beautiful words Gianna has to say; if you’re lucky enough to put Gianna in front of an audience, she will move them to the most beautiful, heart-warming place that they can be which is empowered, inspired and just right in the moment.

James Grima | CEO of Positive Training Solutions

Trish – Testimonial

My daughter Charlotte recently completed Gianna’s coaching course. The growth in Charlotte’s mindset in such a short time is remarkable. The skills Gianna equipped Charlotte with will carry her through life.
Trish McAskil (Parent to Pre-Teen Client, Charlotte)


“We were so pleased to have Gianna Lucas host a special event for young women with us early in 2018. Gianna facilitated a Mind over Matter Workshop and ran a Vision Board activity, which encouraged the young people to explore their wellbeing, interests and dreams. The session was great, and the young people really enjoyed connecting with Gianna, as she has a very kind and approachable manner – which in turn, allowed them the permission to share their thoughts and feelings in a safe space.

Kate James | Youth Engagement Officer – Banyule City Council

Phil Stenhouse

I had the privilege of meeting Gianna nearly two years ago and right from the outset I could see that her focus on life and inspiring others was outstanding. Gianna’s positive and effervescent personality is truly magnetic and when she speaks people listen. On several occasions since first meeting Gianna I have seen her work impact the lives many people and I believe she is a real gift to people in dark places. Gianna’s intelligence and way of articulating her message inspires all who hear her. It didn’t take long until I asked Gianna to join my Board and influence our direction as an organisation and help us change the lives of hundreds of people. It really is an honour to know her, listen to her and serve with her.

Phil Stenhouse OAM | Motivational Speaker + CEO – Bridge Builders Youth Organisation

Stephanie – Testimonial

Gianna has just completed a 6 week coaching program with our daughter, Kiara, and we can’t thank her enough. Kiara has changed in such a short time becoming more organised, thoughtful, inspired, motivated and constantly thinking about how actions cause a reaction and making these positive. The activities and worksheets were well thought out. The coaching was so easy for Kiara to attend weekly as it was all through video conference. Kiara was so grateful for the time, effort and care Gianna showed. Gianna has an infectious personality that lights up any room. Kiara shed many tears after her last session full of gratitude for everything Gianna had done. Highly recommend this coaching.

Stephanie Alexander (Parent to teenage client, Kiara)

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