Have you got a BIG goal in mind, one you just can’t shake? Well I reckon it’s been placed there for a reason and so I suggest you explore it. I myself have BIG goals, BIG dreams. For so long in my mind I considered them a pipe dream – one that ‘may’ happen sometime in the future if all goes to plan. These days though, I have a different opinion. I no longer see them as a pipe dream, rather an item that I will one day tick on my to-do list. I no longer see it as intangible, instead I believe it’s within my grasp for I am capable of achieving it. Technically speaking right now in 2019, I have a long way to go, but this doesn’t phase me one bit because I’m certain I’ll get there one day. Does this mean I’m immune to any fears that come my way? Definitely not, but what I’m able to do now is look beyond the fear and uncertainty. I’m able to shut down any limiting beliefs, so that I am able to pursue my ‘BIG’ goals.

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I truly believe in my heart that because of this mentality, I’ve recently opened myself up to new opportunities, ones that will in turn open even new doors… And last night was a perfect example, because something ABSOLUTELY AMAZING happened. Here’s how it all came about…

Back in August this year, I cam across an advertisement from my local council announcing their new small business grant pilot program. They were looking for businesses within the local area to submit an idea or initiative that can support and grow the local economy. Upon reading through the application, I knew in my heart I had to apply.

You see, earlier this year I co-hosted an event for young women to celebrate International Women’s Day. I called it ‘Let’s Flamingle’ and it was a massive success. And because of this I knew I had to run more of these types of events – ones that empower, educate and entertain.

Gianna Lucas Event and Let's Flamingle Collage

So loooooong story short, I spent an entire week researching, visiting local businesses and planning out my idea for an epic event, and with only a couple of minutes to spare, I pressed the ‘Submit’ button right before they closed down the submissions portal. So as you can imagine it was a full on few days. #notmuchsleep

Now let’s fast forward a couple of months to Wednesday 20th November, i.e. last night. The council hosted a very special event called ‘Shine On’, held at the Rosanna Golf Club. The event not only featured the incredible Jules Lund, Founder of Tribe App/Media personality/All-round good guy as their keynote speaker, BUT the council also unveiled the recipients of their small business grants program, the first of its kind… And guess who was one of the winners?????? YEP! You guessed right!! ME! Words cannot describe how overjoyed and honoured I am.

Me holding my certificate alongside Jules Lund & Cr Alison Champion

A bit of a fun fact – I didn’t actually find out last night, I knew beforehand that I won, but I had to sign a special doc that said I will not say anything publicly ’til after the event. Keeping my lips sealed wasn’t easy, but now that the event is over I can talk all about it! Yay!

So what’s my event all about? What I can say is it’s going to be AMAZING. It’s going to be a full-day conference fora whopping 500 young women!! Yes. 500. I am happy to report it will 100% be taking place next year in 2020 (of course) and will feature some amazing keynote speakers and panelists! Lots more info to come!!!! I’ll be telling you all to SAVE THE DATE soon, so be on the lookout for that. But for now, let’s celebrate!

Here’s a few more snaps from last night…

Me with some of the other small biz grant recipients

Jules Lund’s AMAZING keynote presentation

A big thank you to Rod from Ceballos Photography for the photos, and of course an even bigger shout out to the Banyule City Council’s Banyule Business team for this amazing opportunity.

And lastly, but certainly not least, thank you for your support! I hope my passion, determination and self-belief empowers you to dream more and do more. And I can’t wait to see you at my conference next year!

PS. Get excited because there’s loads more exciting announcements to come!! #StayTuned

Thanks again and chat soon,

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