“You know, if you hang around this Earth long enough you really see how things come full circle.” – Patti Davis

My Passion for Radio

Did you know that back in 2014 I was a full-time Breakfast Radio Producer? Yep. I even hosted my own shows too – a Saturday Breakfast Show and even a Saturday Night Party Mix Show. And whilst producing brekkie radio Mon-Fri, I would also report regular traffic and weather updates on-air?!

Every single day, to and from high school, my mum and I would always have 89.9 LightFM on in the background whilst in the car. It was our go-to radio station. We both loved the station because it was family-friendly and there was always a song playing we’d love to sing-a-long to and a talk topic we could relate to. Plus, coming from a Christian fam, we loved how there were hourly ‘Words To Live By’ segments, which is super similar to Instagram’s #MondayMotivation you see pop up in your feed once a week.

Gianna Lucas LightFM Pyjamas

Pyjama Day in the 89.9 LightFM Studio!

My BIG Dream & Passion

During high school I dreamed about me one day working in the media and using my voice to make a positive difference; and growing up with LightFM on the radio, that’s the place I knew I wanted to work. So in Year 12 I studied a Certificate III in Media Industries: Radio Broadcasting as part of my VCE, and then at university I completed a Bachelor of Journalism. During this time I volunteered at a local radio station near my home to gain experience – I initially volunteered as an Office Administrator, then worked as an Assistant to the Business Development Manager. Eventually, I hosted my own Drive Show every Friday afternoon for 3 years.

Life at 89.9 LightFM

Towards the end of second-year uni, I began volunteering at 89.9 LightFM in their Promotions and Marketing department. Eventually I was offered an opportunity to produce one of their morning shows, which lead to me presenting on-air. Initially I was one of their Weekend Announcers. In October 2013, one year after completing my Bachelor Degree, I was asked to become the station’s Breakfast Producer, a full-time role which I loved. Every morning, Monday to Friday I would wake up at 3.30am to be at work at 5am. I never needed caffeine to get my day started. I would literally bounce out of bed when my alarm went off… why you say?! Because I loved my job. It was my passion.

Gianna Lucas on red carpet for 89.9 LightFM

On the red carpet for 89.9 LightFM

Breakfast Radio

During this time, I had the privilege of producing the station’s flagship show. Initially the Breakfast time slot was hosted by Ken and Lucy; but in due course it evolved into radio duo Lucy and Kel. It was such a privilege working alongside these two incredibly-talented individuals. Their show is still a huge success today – they’re currently celebrating their 6th year on-air together!

Gianna Lucas & Kel McWilliam - Lucy & Kel

Kel and I alongside the not-so-delicious squid jerky! Haha.

After I finished up at LightFM, I was offered an opportunity to be a part of a start-up magazine called I AM WOMAN – a bi-monthly digital mag designed to empower professional women. I was their Deputy Editor. From there I created my own biz called Miss Savvy, where I specialised in copy writing and other digital marketing services for small businesses and government agencies. In 2017, I created The Promenade With Me Podcast, a weekly show for young women which spanned 65 episodes. That same year I joined confidence education provider, Beautiful Minds as an Educator. Then in 2018 I was asked to become a Board Member at Bridge Builders Youth Organisation… And as they say, the rest is history!

From Interviewer to Interviewee

Last week, 4 years after I finished up at 89.9 LightFM, I was invited back to the station, this time round as an interviewee. You see, before my media career even began, I lived with crippling anxiety, for quite a number of years in fact. Then some years later the most magical thing happened… I experienced something quite incredible, which acted as a catalyst, leading me to what I do today.

My interview was with Educator, Author and Presenter, Sharon Witt on ‘This One Life‘, a weekly show that features ‘stories that shape us’. On the show I shared my story about my childhood, where I lived with a debilitating anxiety disorder, to then being part of Australia’s youngest all-girl pop group, Charmz. I also talk about dreaming BIG dreams and the work I do with young women.

Sharon Witt Gianna Lucas 89.9 LightFM

Sharon Witt & I last week at 89.9 LightFM

It was such an honour being invited back to share my story at a station I absolutely love. If you’re really keen to tune into my interview, simply click on the play button below. Alternatively you can head to LightFM’s website by clicking here. Happy listening!

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