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Natasha Pinto is an international recording artist, singer-songwriter and performer. But more importantly, she has an incredible heart. Through her music she aims to empower others, especially young women.
Later on this year, Natasha will be releasing her new EP. However she admits her musical journey hasn’t always been an easy one. Despite the tumultuous tales of the mainstream music industry, Natasha has proudly made an incredible name for herself. What makes this amazing woman extra spesh is that she possesses an overwhelmingly sincere spirit, one you can pick from a mile away.

It’s my absolute pleasure sharing Natasha’s story and perspective on this 15th episode of The Promenade With Me Podcast. In this interview, Natasha reveals:
• Collaborating with legendary American hit-maker, Rob Fusari (Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Britney, Whitney Houston)
• The subliminal impact commercial music makes on our everyday lives
• Natasha’s battle to maintain authenticity in a world that thought otherwise
• How she overcomes her fear of public speaking when asked to speak to the masses
• And her message to us young women with regards to social media
Plus, stacks more….Literally. We spoke about a heap of stuff. So enjoy Episode 15 of The #PWMPodcast – A Walk With Natasha Pinto.

Natasha & I

You can follow Natasha’s music journey on her Instagram page or just head to her website.
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Keep smiling,
Gianna Xx

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