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Listen up ladies!
Are you easily tempted to buy the latest fashion craze filling up your Instagram feed? There’s nothing wrong with making purchases like this, as long as you’re following a sound budget.
Now let’s dig a little deeper. Where can you see yourself in say, 10 years? Would you like to own an investment here and there? I’m a big advocate of forward planning. When I created my vision board in July, I asked myself these same questions. If you’d like to know more about this, just listen back to Episode 12 of The Promenade With Me Podcast.
In this episode of The #PWMPodcast, we are doing things a little bit differently, as we’ve launched a new show within the podcast. It’s called Leap & Reap. In short it runs a bit like a masterclass, but one you can listen to anywhere! Leap & Reap brings you one-on-one interviews, giving you all the tools you need so you can leap and reap in your own life!
In this episode, I’ve invited property expert and money man, Bryce Holdaway to the show. Bryce is amazing. He’s not only the co-host of The Property Couch, Australia’s most listened to property podcast (over 2.2 million downloads), he’s an accountant, author, TV presenter, and all-round good guy.

Today Bryce shares some invaluable advice on how we can best budget our way to financial freedom. Sounds awesome right! This episode is a goodie.
Bryce is also giving you his Money Smarts System for FREE! All you need to do is simply enter your name and email below to download your copy. By doing so, you’ll also be a part of The Promenade With Me community! Once a month you’ll receive our podcast’s most incredible takeaways direct in your inbox. Whoohoo! Enjoy.

Here’s your FREE copy of  The Property Couch’s Money Smarts System. 
Just click on the link below. Enjoy!
The Property Couch – Money SMARTS System

Bryce Holdaway & Me (Gianna!)

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Dream BIG and boldly,
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