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Are you in the middle of moving house or leaving a job? Are you recovering from a relationship break-up? Have you recently lost a loved one? If you are, you’re probably experiencing some uneasiness and discomfort (which is completely understandable). Let’s face it, nobody likes transitional periods.
The good news is, there are things we can do to make coping with life’s changes that little bit easier. It’s all about changing our mindset.

In EP.18 of The Promenade With Me Podcast I share my own method. I’ve called it, ‘MOVE OUT, MOVE ON, MOVE UP.’ Essentially it’s 3 steps to help you evacuate that ‘no man’s land’ feeling.
If you’re ready to say goodbye to that ‘limbo’ feeling, then you’ll love this episode!
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Dream BIG & Boldy,
Gianna Lucas xx

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