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What would you love to do as a career? Where can you see yourself?
In Episode 19 of The Promenade With Me Podcast, Gianna goes on ‘A Walk With’ American Wellness Coach, Marissa Hyatt.
Marissa is a 26-year-old entrepreneur with a mission to share the positive impact essential oils can have on our health.
Last June PWM Founder, Gianna met Marissa whilst holidaying in Italy. Her outlook on life and career journey is super relatable and inspiring. She wasn’t born a businesswoman, instead she worked incredibly hard to make a name for herself in the wellness industry.
Marissa understands that going out on your own is never easy. Stepping out of her comfort zone was tough task, but now 5 years on she’s so much better for it.
In this interview, Marissa opens up about her entrepreneurial journey – from leaving the workforce to starting a new venture. She also gives a whole heap of AMAZING advice and shares some of her favourite resources, perfect for start-up entrepreneurs.
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