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Do you find yourself often saying ‘Yes!’ to everything until you burnout?
When proving your devotion and commitment to someone or something, we often feel obliged to say yes to things. Why? For a few reasons. For one, you might not want to offend the person. Or you may want to show them you’re proactive and super keen to go the extra mile.
This is ok, but only if your putting your health first. We live in a world that tells us to sprint, let alone walk. We’re constantly connected to our phones and screens. When do we actually stop?
How much time do you set aside to recharge your mind, body and soul?

In Episode 21 of The Promenade With Me Podcast, Wise Words – The Art of Saying ‘No’, I share the key strategies I created and use to help me manage my time and priorities.
Trust me, they’re fabulous. I really hope they help you thrive in your own life!
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Gianna Lucas & The PWM Team xx

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