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How do you view your body? Do you embrace your shape? Your eyes? Your smile?
Stevie van der Chys used to be the girl who feared her body. She didn’t know how to embrace her natural beauty. The reason? She was a was a victim of domestic violence.
As a teenager, Stevie developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Within time her whole world came crashing down.

Stevie is now a 27 year-old award winning businesswoman. She’s no longer a victim of PTSD. Instead she is full of vibrancy and vitality. Stevie now spends her days connecting with women through photography and intuitive healing, all with the aim of empowering them to love and embrace their bodies. She’s also an advocate of the Full Stop Foundation and a devout member of Business Chicks.
In this episode of the #PWMPodcast, Stevie opens up and shares her incredible story.
Gianna & the Promenade With Me team Xxx

Gianna Lucas with Stevie van der Chys

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