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We all know how important it is to stay fit and healthy. We hope that if we make positive choices, we’ll avoid disease and other auto-immune conditions.
In Australia, more and more people are being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. With the likes of AFL great, Neale Daniher opening up about the condition, we’re becoming more aware of this debilitating disease.
Meet Emma Perri. She’s a researcher at Macquarie University Centre for Motor Neurone Disease Research in Sydney. Last week she submitted her final PHD thesis, where she spent 3.5 years researching a key protein to help treat and cure MND.

Emma is one incredible young woman. Her findings have been so well received, she’s travelled the world sharing her research at many renowned conferences.
Emma is devoting her life to finding a cure for MND and at age 25, she’s already made a huge impact. She’s also incredibly passionate about equipping the next generation with tools to help fast-track their careers in medicine.
In Episode 26 of The Promenade With Me Podcast I sat down with Emma to learn more about her fascinating career journey. It’s without question, Emma has an incredibly bright future ahead of her.

To find out more about MND and to donate, head to curemnd.org.au.
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