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Are you applying for a job? Do you get nervous at the thought of public speaking? Do you have a formal event coming up? No matter which option relates to you most, there’s one thing that is essential to excelling, and most importantly, enjoying all three – a touch of etiquette.
Even though etiquette first came into play in the 17th century, it’s still widely appreciated, especially in business and social settings.
So in Episode 29 of The Promenade With Me Podcast, PWM Founder Gianna Lucas sits down with Hannah Roscoe from Stella Lane Academy to chat about all things etiquette and deportment when it comes to us young women in the modern world.

Hannah gives her tips on excelling at:

  • Public Speaking
  • Social Media
  • Job Interviews
  • Table etiquette

Plus, she shares her own personal story, having worked in the media and entertainment industry. She even reveals what it was like to work alongside Kim Kardashian!
All this and more in Episode 29. Leap & Reap – How to Master Modern Etiquette.
Enjoy! Dream BIG & Boldly,
Gianna & The PWM Team xx

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