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For over 30 years she has graced our TV screens and favourite foodie events as a renowned Home Economist, working alongside the likes of Nigella Lawson! She’s the face of KitchenAid Australia & New Zealand. She’s a presenter, an author of two amazing cookbooks and a mum of two.
Her name is Jo Richardson (A.K.A The Kitchen Therapist) and I’m so excited to bring you her incredible untold story. As we covered so much ground in this interview, I’ve split up our chat into two parts.
Here’s what we discussed in Part 1:

Here’s what you can expect from Part 2:

  • Being born to a single mother in her 40s
  • Not knowing who or where her father was as a child
  • Her thoughts on reality TV cooking shows
  • How Jo maintains a healthy diet and lifestyle

…Plus so much more!

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Gianna Lucas xx

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