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Who do you feel is a strong woman? Your mum? Your best friend? Oprah or even Meghan Markle? What qualities make up a strong woman?
Shauna Ryan is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and Founder of online movement, Strong Woman. She is definitely qualified to speak about this topic. Shauna’s mission is to celebrate women, encouraging them to see beauty in every story, no matter the journey.

In this special episode of The Promenade With Me Podcast, I chat to Shauna about her own story. She’s one amazing millennial who’s taking life by both hands. She’s experienced so many awesome moments and some really difficult ones too.
This is Shauna’s first ever podcast interview. No question was off the cards. She definitely proved she’s in fact one incredible strong woman.
We spoke about a whole heap of stuff including:

  • How her childhood helped shape the creation of Strong Woman
  • Her turbulent health battle
  • Learning the art of patience as a millennial
  • And what’s next for Strong Woman in 2018!

So join me as I take a walk with the ever-fabulous, Shauna Ryan.

So enjoy Episode 34 of The Promenade With Me Podcast!
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Dream BIG and boldly,
Gianna & The PWM Team xx

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