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A couple of months ago I met a girl, Inge Blockmans. At the time she was studying here in Australia, at Deakin University.
Inge is half way through her PHD which is focussed on the sexual wellbeing of women with spinal cord injuries. Her research is tipped to revolutionise the lives of those with the condition.

Inge is from Belgium and is one amazing chick. Her story is absolutely inspiring. Her zest for life and perspective on the world is so encouraging. I learnt so many life lessons from her journey and I know you will too.
In this interview we chatted about:
– How her wheelchair helped revitalise her life
– The moment she realised her true potential
– How a TV show back home opened new doors and hearts
– And her perspective on life, self-care and love

So join me as I take a walk with Inge Blockmans.
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