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This week students around Australia are heading back to school for another year, with many going into their final years of study as they work towards their future goals.
I recently had a chat with Jess Holsman, who’s most commonly known for her YouTube channels, in particular Study With Jess. As the name suggests, Jess knows a whole lot about careers and mindset techniques to help you thrive as you go about your studies.
But this is just one aspect to Jess’ repertoire. She’s also an author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, having founded her own stationary line, Educationery.

In this Leap & Reap Episode of The Promenade With Me Podcast Jess and I chat about:

  • Jess’ career journey to date
  • Some of the biggest life lessons she’s learned
  • Finding your purpose
  • The power of vision boards
  • Mindfulness
  • Her favourite books
  • Plus tips to help you ease into the year ahead, no matter if you’re heading back to school, uni or work

And so much more!
Also, just a quick note, if you hear some crackling during the podcast, don’t stress, it’s just the audio recording.
Get ready to take some notes as this episode will no doubt help you excel in 2018!

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Dream BIG & Boldly,
Gianna & The PWM Team xx

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