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Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries. 50% of Malawian girls experience rape, that’s 1 in 2 women – and these are just reported cases. Stealing another person’s bike is a higher offence than a person molesting a woman.
It’s very common for girls in Malawi to miss one quarter of school each year just because of their period – something that none of us have an issue with thanks to proper sanitary care. There were no long-term solutions to help women manage something as simple as a period.
So Christy Hildyard and Erin Boutros from Melbourne decided to do something about it. They joined forces and launched an initiative that’s seriously changing the lives of girls in Malawi.

Their business is called Blessing in Disguise. It’s in essence an Australian charity that raises funds to support their overall mission based in Malawi called Grace Pads. In short, Grace Pads is an affordable and sustainable alternative to disposable pads, making it a much more desirable option for all Malawian women.

3 years on, they’ve given out 30,000 pads! Yes 30,000! Not only have they given thousands of women a better life, their production centre is based in the heart of Malawi which gives local women skills and a regular income.
I am so excited about this interview. Erin and Christy are two amazing girls on a mission to change the world.
If you love the sound of what these girls are all about, then I’m happy to report that they’re about to launch two huge campaigns – one is called ‘Changing The World with Grace’ and the other is the ‘Pass It On’ Campaign.

Here are all the details and how you can get involved:
‘Changing the world with Grace’ Campaign…
Goal: For Australia to ‘Give Grace’ to 10,000 Malawian women.

Each Store, Wash and Dry kit provides 18 months’ worth of sanitary products and a Health & Hygiene education program. For $15, you can revolutionise daily life for a women living in one of the worlds poorest communities. We are looking for 10,000 Aussies to sponsor 1 kit each. We all want to make a lasting difference in the world, and this is your chance! To purchase a ‘Store, Wash & Dry’ kit, visit our website store – [gracepads.com]

‘Pass it on’ Campaign…
We have 100 ‘Store, wash & dry’ tubs ready to be circulated throughout Australia. Once you receive a tub, you have 7 days to show and tell as many people as you can, share it on your social media, take it into work and then send it on to the most influential person you know to get them to do the same. If you are interested in being a part of the ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign, please contact us through our website and we will arrange a kit to be sent to you. Let’s see how far the tubs can travel! – [gracepads.com / blessingindisguise.co]

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