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How many times do you question the reasons why we do what we do? I’m guessing a lot and you probably don’t even know it.
We spend a lot of our time online, and with Google at our fingertips, we can ask any question we like, but are we asking the right ones?
Tough question right?!
This is where Dustin Elliott comes in. Dustin is the host of the Why 2 Podcast. So what’s it about? Glad you asked. Essentially it’s jam-packed with awesome interviews. Featuring a whole lot of interesting and noteworthy people, Dustin uncovers their belief, values and mindset – in essence their ‘why’, and how it led to their success.

In today’s episode of The Promenade With Me Podcast, I sit down with Dustin to find out what he’s learnt so far since launching his podcast, as well as why he started his show in the first place. Unsurprisingly he knows a lot about this stuff. He’s an incredibly deep thinker with a super-cool outlook on life.
Get notes up on your phone, or grab a pen and paper, because Dustin has a lot of great things to say.

By the way, before we get into it, Dustin and I recorded this show in a library, which at times felt like we were inside a cathedral in the heart of Rome! The place has some pretty epic acoustics. So enjoy the ambience and of course my interview with Dustin Elliott!
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Dream BIG & Boldly,
Gianna & The PWM Team xx

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