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Have you ever wondered what life would be like on Mars? Would you ever head over there if you had the opportunity?
From 2030, some very special people will be going on a voyage of a lifetime! A seven-month cruise which concludes on Mars – a one-way trip in fact.
Their job is to set up camp and make Mars their home away from home, a chapter we too will write someday.

This out of this world expedition is called Mars One and today I sit down with one incredible human who happens to be shortlisted. Yep! Early next year she finds out if she will in fact become an astronaut. Pretty cool hey!
Her name is Dianne McGrath and is one remarkable woman A part from possessing several qualifications, she’s also a keynote speaker, food waste warrior, sustainability expert, PHD candidate, and did I mention she might be moving to Mars?!!!

In this ‘Mars-terpiece’ of an interview, Dianne and I discuss:

  • What Mars One is all about – the unbelievable application process as well as the incredible training that comes with the program
  • Her expansive career journey and the invaluable life lessons she’s learnt along the way
  • How we can be of service to others
  • Sustainability: How Mars will save Earth
  • Changing habits: Easy techniques to help us live a more eco-friendly life
  • Forget Wonder Woman: How we can all become Wonder Women!

So much to cover! May it take you to another place, or should I say space! Enjoy.

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Gianna & The PWM Team xx

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