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Imagine this. You’re at the supermarket buying some groceries and suddenly, you no longer can walk without some assistance. Your balance starts to waiver as your muscles weaken…
This is a reality for many suffering with Multiple Sclerosis. MS affects approximately 23,000 Australians, with an estimated 2.5 million diagnosed worldwide. There is no cure for MS and sadly, every year the number of people diagnosed increases by 4%.
My beautiful friend and mentor, Dianne Yoong lives with this auto-immune disease. She also suffers from Brugada Syndrome, a rare genetic heart condition. However, if you’re in her presence you’d never know. She’s incredibly resilient, intelligent and optimistic. She’s one incredible case manager (specialising in child protection). She’s a wonderful wife, foster carer, mum and grandmother. Even more surprisingly she’s quite the daredevil.
She’s ventured on two incredible expeditions with her husband and teenage daughter. In 2015 she sailed down Australia’s longest river, the tumultuous Murray River. In 2016 she stepped it up by heading to the top of Australia, spending time on the Tiwi Islands, living off the land, fighting off crocodiles as she hunted for food.
With World MS Day around the corner (the 31st May to be exact), I interviewed Dianne about her mission, adventurous spirit and passionate perspective on life and all its wonders.

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