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Have you ever heard of Ulcerative Colitis? When I met my sister-in-law, Sammi Lucas 7 years ago I learnt all about it. In short it’s a nasty chronic inflammatory bowel disease which affects millions around the globe.
Sammi was a bubbly 16-year-old Year 10 student battling one of the most difficult years of her young life. For 10 years Ulcerative Colitis had a hold on her. For many years she spent her days between her bed and the bathroom. Despite her ill circumstances, Sammi remained resilient and positive. She was determined to outrun her auto-immune condition. And that’s exactly what unfolded.
Now in 2017, Sammi is a bright and energetic 23-year-old woman no longer tormented by ill health. Instead she’s travelling the world raising the importance of maintaining a healthy gut.

In this very raw and open interview, Sammi shares her incredible story – from a victim to a victor.
Her road to recovery will leave you spell-bounded. And so it’s my absolute pleasure to have my sister-in-law on the show today.
May it inspire you to live a healthy and happy life – just like she empowers mine.
You can follow Sammi on Instagram and Facebook, or just head to her website for more info.
Gianna Lucas Xx
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