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Would you love to work 1:1 with me as you work towards achieving your goals? If your answer is “Yes!” then you’ll love what this virtual coaching program is all about.

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Would you love to work one-on-one with me as you head towards achieving your goals? If your answer is “Yes!” then you’re going to love what this exclusive virtual coaching program is all about.

Let’s work together, one-on-one to kickstart your journey to embracing your UNIQUENESS, your LIFE and your FUTURE.

Have you ever questioned what path you should take? What makes you unique? How you can become more mindful? These are awesome questions to ask yourself.

Let me take you down the path to self-discovery. In this tailor-made virtual coaching program, we’ll uncover exactly what you’re great at and what brings you loads of #goodvibes, and overcome any negative setbacks. I also support you in creating your very own mission and vision and how you can implement them into your everyday life. Exciting times ahead!

you will learn

This 6-week virtual coaching program is designed to help you on your road to inner fulfilment and flows in the following way:

Week 1: Who am I? Uncovering your true self

Week 2: Removing setbacks and negativity

Week 3: Making way for new opportunities

Week 4: Taking action

Week 5: Formal commitment to yourself

Week 6: Now on your way!

you will get
  • 1:1 support with me for 6 weeks!
  • Program is tailored to your needs
  • 6 weekly 1:1 one-hour coaching video calls
  • 6 modules designed to help you grow & reach your goals
  • Access to my exclusive Facebook Group
  • Fun, reflective & confidence-boosting weekly activities
  • 30-page Takeaway Toolkit featuring top tips & reflective exercises in Week 6

What’s next?

After you book your complimentary 30 min Discovery Call with me, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your selected date and time. Woohoo!

It will also contain a link which you’ll need to connect to our video call at that designated time. If during the session you feel we should totally team up as you work towards achieving your goals, then you’ll be asked to select which dates/times suit you best to commence your coaching program. You will also need to select your preferred weekly video call coaching times.

Once your official start date and weekly 1:1 video coaching calls are confirmed, you will be required to pay the 6-week 1:1 Coaching Program fee and sign your Coaching Agreement. The coaching fee must be paid in full prior to the commencement of our first video call in Week One.

Before our first official 1:1 video coaching Call, you will also be required to fill out your Self-Discovery Questionnaire, (which btw I absolutely love!). This document needs to be completed and returned to me via email one week prior to our first video call in Week One. Exciting times ahead!

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