Where is your paradise? For me, I find sitting on the beach watching the sun shine brightly over the waves to be very therapeutic. In the crazy world we live in today, it’s nice to get away from the hustle and bustle and just be.
Welcome to my little piece of paradise, Promenade With Me (PWM). I guess you could call this is my ‘online’ safe haven. The name of my blog popped into my head several years ago whilst at the beach. As you may know, where there is a pretty beach, there is usually a well established promenade. Not only are they a great walking path, they keep you on track, give you direction and also offer you inspiration – well at least I think so!
One year I was holidaying in Port Douglas, a tropical oasis found at the top of Queensland, Australia. Port Douglas has the most expansive promenades which seem to go on for days. What makes them extra spesh is that they attract lots of people from all walks of life, in turn creating lots of discussion…
Do you see where I’m going with this?
This is where Promenade With Me, a blog with multiple paths was born.
So what can you expect from PWM? Well at the very least a splash of inspo, a dash of passion and of course a whole lot of sparkle!
In 2011, I created PWM on both Blogger and WordPress. For your amusement, here’s the link to the site. Initially it was a hub where you can discover all that encompasses one’s journey, perspective and ambitions through feature profile interviews. By trade I’m a Journalist, so I guess this concept suited me to a T, hehe.
Now we are in 2016 and Promenade With Me has evolved and grown. Yes, you will still be embraced by uplifting profile pieces, but now you’ll also experience some wise words, be indulged by signature fashion must-haves and of course everything in between.
So welcome to my world, or should I say my promenade? Either way, Either way, as you listen to each podcast or read one of my posts, may they leave a lovely footprint on your path – I know… It’s way too cheesy, which means I need to sign out before my writing gets a little out of hand! Haha.
Keep smiling,
Gianna Lucas xx

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