Have you ever found yourself laughing out loud or welling up with tears whilst watching a Disney Pixar film? I most certainly have. I can’t help but get caught up in the storyline whilst journeying with the protagonist as they seek their happily ever after.
I am a married woman and business owner with a mountain of responsibilities. But I am also a proud Disney fanatic who enjoys the innocence and playfulness of a kids movie.
If I reflect on society today, it’s easy to presume a 16-year-old in 2016 is very different to a 16-year-old from year 2006. How things can change over a 10-year period. With the advancement of technology, teenagers have access to a world beyond their years. They have become digital natives with smart phones constantly in their hands. It is an inseparable part of their life, integrated into every activity.
It’s safe to say teens these days feel they need to grow up at a rapid speed so to get ahead and be accepted. In 2006 as a 15-year-old, I noticed this shift starting to unfold, and now in 2016 having worked with youth, I have seen firsthand how this outlook has accelerated.
I am a huge advocate of technology. I think it’s an essential learning tool in schools and an incredibly interactive platform and resource for any workplace. My business is completely reliant on technology and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Digital innovation is the key to the future with many young people leading the way.
Whilst embracing the digital world, it’s imperative that we find time to disconnect from technology and instead reconnect with the physical world around us. Imagine yourself as a kid again with minimal responsibility and all the time in the world. What would you do?
Last month during the school holidays I did just that. Having a love for musicals and all things pink and glittery, I took my three-year-old God-daughter, Zoe to see The Little Mermaid (the musical) at The Drum Theatre in Melbourne. The following week my mum and I had a girls’ day out in the city. The highlight was Disney On Ice. Yep, you heard correctly.


Zoe & I

Although my life can be a little hectic, I embrace those moments when I can rediscover my childhood. It reaffirms to me that there can always be a happy ever after if you just believe. After all, the Founder of The Walt Disney Company advocated, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’. He was definitely onto something.
Walt Disney’s mission statement is my life motto. It’s a #motivationalquote that inspires me to live out my dream every single day.
Keep smiling,
Gianna Lucas xx

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