When scrolling through your Instagram feed, no doubt you’ve seen a whole lot of influencers’ latest posts. When coming across one, I wonder, have you ever thought how they might of received that opportunity? Or thought how you too could become an influencer?

At a workshop I ran last year, I asked a group of teens what they’d like to do post high school. One girl responded saying that she’d like to become an Instagram influencer and make that her career.

Now these days thanks to tech, we can pretty do anything – if we want to create a product or pursue a career that doesn’t even exist yet, there’s nothing really stopping us. Within my own tribe, I know a couple of amazing people creating epic businesses that 5 years ago weren’t even a possibility if it wasn’t for technology! It’s so amazing.

Instagram influencers

We all know social media has become a mighty communication tool, and one of the biggest platforms is of course Instagram (which I love). With it has also seen the rise of Instagram influencers around the world. There are a whole range of Instagram influencers out there. I guess your traditional influencers are those who promote lifestyle products and services like fashion, holiday destinations and skincare. There’s a whole lot of Aussies doing this and making a living out of it.

But there’s also a huge number of Instagram influencers out there also doing extraordinary things, by promoting causes close to their heart, using their voice to spread inclusivity, kindness and social change – with the hope it will make our world a better place.

Last week I attended a number of events and one of them was a business workshop. The #1 message I got out of that event was this:

Those who have a desire to create change in the world, disrupt an industry or pursue a big goal – their passion, drive and mission comes through in each post they create. And in doing so they positively influence others, as they work towards bringing their vision for a brighter future to life. – Gianna Lucas

These individuals are not only make a living, but they’re also leaving their mark on the world.

There are loads of amazing humans out there doing this each and every day and here are just a couple of people who make-up my massive favourites list:

Megan Jayne Crabbe

Meet Megan Jayne Crabbe: Body positivity advocate, feminist and author.

Megan has created a huge following through her colourful, authentic and empowering posts. Megan is based in the UK, but she travels the world spreading her message. She has been interviewed too many times to count on TV, radio (you name it!), and has spoken at many, many events! She’s an awesome chick who isn’t afraid of standing up for what’s right, in order to make the world a more vibrant place, where people love their bodies are feel confident as they go about their everyday life.

Instagram handle: @BodyPosiPanda

BodyPosiPanda - Megan Jayne Crabbe - How to become an influencer

Image Source | @BodyPosiPanda (Instagram)

Daniel Flynn

More closer to home, in fact right here in heart of Melbourne, there’s Daniel Flynn – you know, the guy behind Thankyou. He’s the Managing Director and one of 3 Co-Founders who created the social enterprise. The company donates funds to programs that focus on hygiene, safe water and sanitation, as well as food and security programs in 16 countries, through the sale of its water, body care, baby and food products.

Daniel and his wife Justine Flynn have been invited to speak about their extraordinary work around the globe. Daniel was even invited to meet 44th U.S. President, Barak Obama a year ago to discuss Thankyou’s mission and vision. Pretty incredible!

Instagram handle: @DanielFlynn88

DanielFlynn88 - Daniel Flynn (Thankyou) - How to become an influencer

Image Source | @DanielFlynn88 (Instagram)

Madeleine Buchner OAM

Lastly meet Madeleine Buchner (the chick on the RHS in the pic below).

Madeleine is the CEO of Little Dreamers, a wonderful charity also based in Melbourne that has built an international community where young carers feel supported, valued and empowered through their short term and long term programs.

Madeleine has met almost every main member of the British Royal Family, both here in Australia and in Buckingham Palace where she received her Queen’s Young Leaders Award in 2017. This year, Madeleine received an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for her work within the youth space over the last 15+ years. Amazing right?! Madeleine is now officially ‘Madeleine Buchner OAM’! A pretty cool title which she definitely deserves.

Instagram handle: @MadeleineBuchner

madeleinebuchner - Madeleine Buchner (Little Dreamers) - How to become an influencer

Image Source | @MadeleineBuchner (Instagram)

I reckon Megan, Daniel and Madeleine are all legends. They get paid to do what they love, as they continue to do good in the world – a match made in Heaven I think! ?

So, how do you become an influencer?

Great question right?! The truth is there are plenty of resources out there that can tell you how to create a social media profile that captures eyeballs so you can build your profile.

To be completely honest with you, the question I feel to be way more important is this:

What kind of influencer do you want to become? 

Being an influencer, not just those often found on social media is a real privilege and not something to take lightly. In many industries, an influencer might even be known as a thought leader instead – an expert in their field. They’re well respected because of their achievements, work ethic, research and leadership skills, and the list goes on.

Their success is not based on the amount of followers they have on social media, or the amount of likes they get on a post. 

Here’s my advice…

It doesn’t matter how big or small our social media following is – we have all been given a voice and our Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Facebook profiles are purely a platform where we can express our thoughts, ideas, interests and mission in life.

So when you post on social media, just be uniquely YOU. It’s as simple as that. 

You have the ability to make an incredible difference within your own community, and social media is just one way you can get your message out there.

How will you use your voice for social good?

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