What are your most favourable memories? I would imagine many have been captured on camera.
I recently discovered that I have over 5,000 images stored on my iPhone. It’s not terribly difficult for me to go snap crazy. I sometimes wonder what I will be like as a mum – no doubt every one of my children’s milestones will be wonderfully documented.
When scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and Instagram so many beautiful images pop-up – from foodie shots to family holiday snaps, there’s something for everyone.
I love photography and so does my hubby Brendan. It’s definitely one of our favourite hobbies. Every time we go on a holiday or head out for a picnic, a camera will always be within reach. Most of you will be able to relate to this including one of my friends, Korske Ara. Each time I view his Instagram page, I am constantly in awe of his photographic talent, as his images beautifully showcase Australia’s most remarkable landscapes.
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Korske also likes to think outside the box. As we all know Earth is filled with millions of avid photographers, so he created an online platform so he could unite us all. His vision is now widely known as ‘World Photo Day’. In essence it’s a worldwide event which celebrates photography within our own communities and revels in its global power within society today. Pretty awesome right!
Now I have a question for you. As you scroll through your images, are there any photos you would love to share with the world?
Here’s your chance. Simply head to worldphotoday.com.
“We are inviting everybody to be a part of our global gallery. Photographers can capture and share a glimpse of their own world. Whether you want to upload a photo or simply view the gallery, you just need to register on the site.”
“We live in a big world with lots of people. There are a lot of passionate photographers out there including myself and I thought World Photo Day would be a great way to unite us all.”
How much time do we spend genuinely appreciating other people’s images? World Photo Day is a wonderful opportunity for us all to share our own little world with the wider community. You never know, your photo could brighten somebody’s day. After all a picture can say a thousand words.
Korske isn’t just the Founder and Project Director of World Photo Day, he’s also the Co-Founder of travel and adventure site, AusBackpacking.
Being an entrepreneur can come with its challenges. However Korske has learnt how to overcome them all in order to fulfil his vision.
As an entrepreneur he’s often invited to step up and speak to the masses. Like much of the world’s population, Korske admits his fear of public speaking. So how does Korske conquer his fear? It all comes down to authenticity.
“I first had to admit I was afraid. I just had to be honest with myself and those around me.”
Both Korske and I share a love for the phrase, ‘Everything happens for a reason’. When presented with an opportunity, the best thing you can do is embrace it. Ready for a challenge? Korske is personally inviting you to join 11,500 other individuals in over 111 countries who are a part of the greater World Photo Day community.
“World Photo Day is an awesome opportunity for people to express themselves through a lens. Don’t be afraid of promoting your work – platforms like this have been created for this very reason.”
“When people ask you to do something great, they’ve asked you because they believe in you and your abilities. It’s a sign that you’re good at the task even if you don’t think so. Take the challenge. It’s been given to you for a reason.”
World Photo Day is being celebrated on Friday 19th of August 2016.
It’s free to sign up. By registering you automatically become a life member. You’ll be able to see photos from previous years and of course view galleries in the years to come. There are already thousands of images to view and enjoy!
For those who love World Photo Day’s mission, you can also become a Knight and contribute to the project’s future by making a small donation of $10 a year. Click here for further details.
Keep smiling,
Gianna Lucas xx

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